• Every job is estimated accurately based on specific man hour cost and item method. There is no guess work in our estimation or our performance. We provide competitive bids on all types of projects.
  • Accept downloaded from server through FTP (with permission of client) or emailed scanned design drawings for bid.

Advance Bill of Material

  • Material take-offs generated from Tekla.
  • Hand written material take-offs with markups from design drawings.
  • Material take-offs can generate in Area / Sequence wise.

Bolt Lists

  • Bolt Summaries for Shop & Field Bolts.
  • Point to Point Bolt summary.
  • Bolt summaries by Area / Sequence.

Conveyor Structures

  • Preparation of Layouts and Details for Conveyor Bridges with open / enclosed gantries.
  • Preparation of Layouts and Details for Transfer Towers.
  • Preparation of Layouts and Details for Hoppers, Bunkers with supporting structures, Silo Roof (Steel) for large storage silos and general steel structures.

List of items carried out for Commercial & Industrial Structures

  • Anchor Bolt Setting Plan Arrangements and Anchor Rod & Template details
  • Concrete Embeds Layouts and Details
  • All types of Columns, Beams and Bracings.
  • All types of Steel Trusses.
  • All types of Stairs.
  • All types of Ladders.
  • All Types of Handrails and Guardrails Layouts and Details.
  • Gratings and Floor Plates Layouts and Details.
  • Girt arrangement and detail drawings (structural shapes).
  • Preparation of Unfolded drawings for Pipe materials.
  • Single part drawings /Gather Sheets preparation.
  • Pipe Rack Supporting Structures.
  • Monorail / Crane Runway Supporting Structure.


Capability to provide CNC, KSS, DXF, CIS2, IFC, and VRML files for Material Management software systems, shop production line equipment or merging our model with the final construction model for clash detection